Speaking out for acceptance, love and understanding

Our speakers tell their own personal story about the coming out experience of their child or loved one and the effects this had on the family.  Each family has a different story to tell.  Not all families are accepting of the news immediately.   Not all parents are happy in the beginning, and that is where PFLAG speakers are able to point out it is not all doom and gloom. 


The greatest message to share is the parents have done nothing wrong to find out now they have a homosexual child.  In the telling of personal stories very often some people are shocked to learn how much the GLBTIQ person has suffered before they have the courage to tell their parents.  No one wants to be rejected.

We are very happy and capable to provide speakers to groups who want to learn and understand more about homosexuality.

If you would like a visit by one of our volunteer speakers to your group or business, please consider giving PFLAG a donation for this service. We are a registered charity and receive no government capital or recurrent funding. We rely totally on donations to maintain our organisation. Please use the banking details on this website under “Donations” 

In 2015 PFLAG completed 67 representations which did not include scheduled meetings of various committees.


At all these representations PFLAG engaged with members of the wider community by telling our stories at high schools,  Headspace, a government organisation concerned with the mental health of young people, and young people at ACON.

We were invited to talk to staff at some banks, addressed the GLLOs at the Goulburn Police Academy, invited to be a member of Surry Hills Police Community Engagement Committee and participated in IDAHOT in The Blue Mountains, Parramatta and Penrith.

Members also gave media interviews, attended film festivals and generally accepted invitations to speak whenever we could to further educate the general community.

Advocacy for the LGBTIQ community also formed an important role, especially the fight for equal rights for marriage equality, by joining marches and talking to politicians.

We work closely with Wear It Purple, ACON, Metropolitan Church of the Good Shepherd, and Acceptance Sydney, a social and spiritual church for GLBTIQ Catholics.

If you would like to request one of our members to speak, please contact us:

Some of the organisations our speakers have addressed are:

HIGH SCHOOLS - addressing students
BANKS - invitations to discuss discrimination with staff
HEADSPACE - an agency dealing with young people with mental health issues
ACON - “Start Making Sense” Panel for young people newly “out”
POLICE - Goulburn Police Academy addressing the GLLOs.

We are also very busy advocating for the LGBTIQ community, by attending

IDAHOT - The Blue Mountains, Parramatta and Penrith
EQUAL RIGHTS - Marching in marriage equality rallies to draw attention to the discrimination of homosexuals
FAIR DAY - Chatting to sometimes troubled gays on how to tell their parents
MEDIA - Magazine stories, television and radio stories and interviews in newspapers
POLITICIANS - Talking with and writing letters

We work closely with a number of support groups for the homosexual community, such as

Metropolitan Church of the Good Shepherd - Granville
Acceptance Sydney - a social and spiritual Catholic church
Wear It Purple - an organisation for young people
Twenty-Ten - an organisation helping young people, especially from the country


We believe by participating in these activities we are contributing to the further education of the general community.
PFLAG is very busy advocating for the LGBTIQ community outside these meetings.