Gay Conversion Therapy from Ruth Green

This week the horrible practice of Gay Conversation Therapy was made illegal in the state of Victoria. Thankyou to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews . With a NSW state election in the near future, please ask your local candidates where they stand on this important issue. Gay Conversion Therapy is cruel and inhuman . It damages people and drives many to suicide. It should no longer be tolerated. 


On Saturday at our PFLAG Annual General Meeting Judy Brown retired as President of PFLAG after over a decade of service in the position. We all hope Judy is proud of the work and support she has given to families.

Judy and her husband Ray were presented with some beautiful framed watercolours of Sydney Harbour. 

From Ruth Green  



Wear it Purple


Claudia Rose and Aidan from Wear it Purple came to our home this evening  to make a film about PFLAG for this years’ Wear  it Purple celebrations. We had a great evening talking and filming with these lovely young people. We do hope the film is a success for Wear it Purple on all the social media.

From Ruth Green