From: Equality Australia

Yesterday the Labor Party made the commitment that should they win the coming election they will remove discrimination from all commonwealth laws including exemptions that allow religious schools to discriminate against LGBTQ students AND teachers, and stamp out gay Conversion Therapy nationally.

Please Remember: 

It is vital you know where each party stands on issues which effect our rainbow family members and friends before you vote in the upcoming election. Ask all your local candidates, and get a clear picture of each party’s policies and what they will do should they be elected.

from Ruth Green Vice President PFLAG,NSW

Israel Folau


PFLAG supports the views expressed by Natalie Cooper in her letter published by The Sydney Morning Herald today. At PFLAG we believe everyone has the right to their own religious beliefs. However, we know the harm which results when these beliefs are used to hurt others. No one has the right to use religion as a means to cause damage or distress to anyone. From Ruth Green  

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